Emma Rosie's Anal Toys

Jan. 19, 2024
60 FPS
Starring: Emma Rosie
I know some people can say it’s weird, but I love looking through my Stepsister’s clothes and lingerie. I adore smelling her tiny panties and revealing her little secrets. I know she’ll get pissed if she catches me, but the pleasure is worth the risk. I thought I was ready for everything that day, but Emma Rosie VR blonde surprised me. I was looking through her panties to check if she had bought something new so I could enjoy the smell, but I found something very strange. It turned out my sweet, Blonde, yummy Stepsister hid an anal plug and a couple of dildos in her drawer. I was so surprised that I forgot about everything until I heard Emma Rosie VR blonde coming. I hid, but she found me. She was angry as hell at first, but then told me she was preparing her tight ass for her boyfriend. She asked me if I could help her stretch the hole and get her first Anal experience. I simply couldn’t say no to my sweet but kinky Blonde Stepsister!

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