Lily Starfire Shows Off Anal Sex

May 17, 2024
60 FPS
Starring: Lily Starfire
When my beautiful Lily Starfire VR chocolate honey told me she had prepared a surprise for me, I thought she had bought me a present or learned a recipe for one of my favorite meals. At least, this was my first thought. This is when she surprised me once again. Lily Starfire told me she took a special Anal course to stretch her ass for my dick. Wow, that was a real surprise! She told me a little bit about the course and how she learned to open her asshole and how she craved taking an ass plug out of her anus and feeling my hard dick deep inside it. We started with gentle foreplay with a lot of Kissing, caressing, hugging, rubbing, and teasing. Oh, I loved watching my hot chocolate lady play with her Big Tits, but I couldn’t wait to check out the success she achieved on that special course. So, Lily Starfire turned her butt towards me, opened her anus, and told me she was ready for my dick in the doggy-style position. Though I loved checking her tight ass, I needed to enjoy her juicy pussy and admire the beauty of her bouncing tits in a cowgirl sex game.

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