Office Temptations: Anti-Stress Boobs

May 31, 2024
60 FPS
Starring: Elana Bunnz
It’s so hard to find a good assistant nowadays. I was lucky to find Elana Bunnz VR blonde, who is energetic, ready to work, inventive, creative, and a very beautiful Blonde hottie. I thought she was perfect, but I didn’t suspect she was the ideal assistant until that evening. I had a hard, long, and tiring workday, and I still had a lot of work to do until the next morning. Elana Bunnz saw I was exhausted and started talking me into taking a little break. She sat down on the table right in front of me, took her most seductive position, and smiled at me. That show surely made me take my eyes off my computer and stare at my hot assistant. Elana Bunnz noticed I was looking at her boobs, and she told me it was fine to touch them. Of course, I used that chance to play with her yummy tits through her sexy outfit, but that only turned me on when I wanted to relax and calm down. Elana Bunnz realized how excited I was and decided to go further and give me a deep Blowjob.

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