Passionate Anal Sex with Willow Ryder

April 26, 2024
60 FPS
Starring: Willow Ryder
There is a strong belief in the world that love and erotic novels are only for bored housewives who don’t know how to entertain themselves, but Willow Ryder VR darling proved that books of that kind can be interesting to different people. I don’t know how the book got her attention, but my curious lady found an exciting idea in it. Willow Ryder told me she was following the life and adventures of a couple who loved passionate sex as much as we did. She got fascinated with the description of their sexual games and especially of the Anal sex in all their favorite positions. She confessed the book got her horny and craving for anal pleasures. She knew I would give her the sensations that she had dreamed of experiencing so much, and I would stretch her ass to the needed size. We started with a gentle Kissing game, and then Willow Ryder turned her ass towards me and told me to give her deep anal satisfaction in a Doggy Style pose. Sure, I gave her everything she needed and demanded from me.

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