Anal Stretching with Pristine Edge

June 21, 2024
60 FPS
Starring: Pristine Edge
When Pristine Edge VR devotee called me and asked for a personal workout, I agreed because she said I was the best in the business. Who wouldn’t like to hear recognition for your efforts? Unfortunately, she was late for the workout. Of course, I hated waiting, but she was pretty enough to make me forget her being late. Besides, that hot Babe gave me a wide and fantastic smile and promised to work hard and to do everything I would tell her. That, finally, made me change my anger for mercy. We started the workout with several usual exercises to warm up Pristine Edge and then moved on to the main part. I told her to take off her shorts because they only hampered her movements. Then I told her to turn her ass to me so we could start the real stretching, I opened her tight asshole with my experienced fingers and caressed her a little bit to help Pristine Edge relax. When her sweet hole was ready enough for further exercises, I thrust my dick right into that waiting, pulsating anus to give her total Anal satisfaction.

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