Neighborly Beauties: Lexi Lore

April 19, 2024
60 FPS
Starring: Lexi Lore
I believe that having good relations with neighbors is a necessity, especially when they are as hot as Lexi Lore VR bimbo. I knew she had a boyfriend, but I just loved watching the sexy Blonde and exchanging a smile with her and maybe helping her in this or that way. When she knocked on my door and asked me for help, I didn’t suspect she had a kinky plan in her cute head. She told me she wanted to make her boyfriend jealous and that he was cheating on her. I honestly tried to figure out the whole story, but I failed to do that. So, I just decided to surrender to Lexi Lore’s plans, her gentle lips, hot tongue, and talented hands. She told me to sit down and let her fulfill all her fantasies. Of course, I did as she told me, enjoyed a deep blowjob, and checked the taste of her love juices before giving the hottie Doggy Style anal satisfaction. Honey, if you want your ass stretched to the limit to take revenge on your boyfriend, then I’m ready to give you a neighbor’s hand and dick.

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