Boxing Lesson with Sky Pierce

July 2, 2024
60 FPS
Starring: Sky Pierce
Some people think that boxing is not for women because it’s a messy sport. Yes, it can get messy on the ring, but bad situations can happen in everyday life as well. Just look at the Blonde Sky Pierce, who is slim, fit-looking, and beautiful. She is energetic, excited, angry, and full of desire to beat her rival. Nothing can stop this gorgeous lady. So, she comes to the gym to get a workout before the fight. We do some exercises and start boxing, but that doesn’t satisfy Sky Pierce VR queen a bit. She needs and wants something special to prepare for the most important boxing match this year. So, she throws the boxing gloves away, kneels, and caresses my dick through my shorts. It’s hard to resist her charms, and I finally give in to my desires. Sky Pierce loves the result of the little foreplay and moves on to the next stage by caressing my dick with her gentle lips and her hot tongue. She is very energetic, both on the ring and with a dick in her mouth and Shaved Pussy.

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